Katarzyna Stachowiak, PhD, MSc, works at the Department of Interpreting Studies and Audiovisual Translation, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw. She is also a freelance interpreter and translator, specializing in medical and technical assignments, the latter being rooted in her other job, namely: as architect and designer. Her research interests revolve around interpreter and translator training, as well as psycholinguistic aspects of translation and interpreting, including mental imagery, attention management, phonology and grammatical judgements. She is a head researcher of the “Foreign language influence on native pronunciation in simultaneous interpreting” project financed by the National Science Centre (no. 2015/19/N/HS2/03400) and participates in the POSS project: “Language as product and process” (head researcher: prof. Bergljot Behrens, ILOS, University of Oslo), having worked by means of phonological analysis software and with numerous types of screen, keyboard, eye and brain tracking programmes and tools.